Olympia Law is a law firm that represents applicants in the immigration procedures listed below. Our firm has the ability to represent applicants across the United States. Immigrant Visas EB-1 (priority workers) EB-2 (professionals with advanced degree/people of extraordinary ability) EB-3 (skilled workers, professionals, unskilled workers) EB-4 (people classified as “special immigrants”) EB-5 (investors and entrepreneurs) Non-Immigrant Visas E-1 visas: for international trade workers E-2 visas; for investors E-3 visas: for Australian nationals in specialty occupations F visas: for students and their spouses or children K visas: for spouses, fianc├ęs, and children of U.S. citizens L visas: for international company transferees O visas: for actors, actresses, singers, athletes, and other people of extraordinary talent and ability P visas: for athletes and musical groups TN visas: NAFTA trade visas for people from Mexico and Canada TD visas: for spouses or children of TN visa holder Permanent Residence/Green Cards Immediate Relative Petitions Fiancee Petitions Abused/Battered Spouse (VAWA) Adjustment of Status Petitions Removal of Conditions on Residence

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